2 Crows: one-on-one

Private Art Coaching

If you're interested in working with me but my classes just don't fit into your schedule, or you have a special topic in mind, please contact me about private one-on-one tutoring/coaching sessions. I keep trying to put definitive information about it here on the website, but then a new student will suggest something I hadn't even thought of and together we create a totally unique package just for them. (**So please view the format description below as a general description of one possible option.)

This past year that included (among other things): private intuitive painting sessions; therapeutic expressive arts sessions (including intention setting, clearing out self-imposed limitations, and "feeding your demons"); private instruction in drawing/watercoloring for sketchbooks, both in person and long distance; and a weeklong private painting retreat in my studio. Each of which has been a totally unique and amazing experience! I'd love to see if we can create something together too! 

Most of my offerings at Painted Crow are primarily focused on the process of creating rather than the product. If you're interested in getting better at, adding more meaning to, or simply starting, a more product-oriented artistic practice, I offer one-on-one art tutoring/coaching, personalized and tailored to the specific needs and desires of your particular artistic journey. So whether you want to learn how to add sketches and watercolors to your travel journals, or you want to learn more about abstract painting, or you want to get beyond the obstacles that keep you from expressing yourself as fully as you'd like in any medium, or...


**In a series of 4 2-hour sessions (scheduled approximately weekly or bi-weekly), I will draw upon my three decades of fine art education and experience as a fine artist, as well as my intuitive/expressive arts training to create a unique course just for you to help you move toward achieving your artistic goals. In addition to the sessions, I will also provide homework for you to complete, and support via text/email between sessions.


The cost for a 4-session package is $500, or you can commit to 8 sessions for $850 and save $150.

(Since I believe so strongly in the power of intuitive process painting, if you also sign up for one of my Creative Flight series or a Weekend Intuitive Painting Intensive, I'll add on an extra 2-hour session or lower the price of your 1:1 series by $100.)


"Finding that Angela was available to do private instruction was certainly a gift, like when you ask the universe for something and it comes. I have this annoying deep seated adverse reaction to being told how to do anything, and yet I wanted to be able to do watercolors in my life and travels, like my aunt did, as if meditations. Angela is a teacher who is flexible enough to find the core of where I was wanting to go with watercolor and help me get there, or at least on my way there with enthusiasm.   I’ve been showing friends my progress from the first of three lessons to the third and now, 4 months since my first lesson. People I’ve met recently, in NY, one from France, want to know who this person is who taught me. I’m pleased to tell them." Dane Gregory Meyer, photographer, Tacoma, WA

"I consider myself to be an advanced beginner and have been working with Angela online to find better ways to translate what I see onto paper. Although we are over a thousandmiles apart, working together through email allows me to make a drawing or painting and send it to Angela so we can look at it together and see what works and what doesn't work inthe composition. It has been amazing to have a person of Angela's skill and experience virtually standing at my shoulder, helping me choose the best techniques and materialsto achieve the results I want in my art."  Greg Johnson, City Planner, Southern California

To begin please email me at angela@paintedcrowstudio.com and tell me what you'd like to get out of working with me. If it’s something I know I can do an amazing job with, I’ll send you an invoice, and we'll schedule a date to begin your journey. (If it’s something that I don’t think I can help with, I’ll let you know. I only want you to invest your time if I’m sure I can help.)


1-to-1: "Flight Path"

This is where you really take flight! Engage in a personalized program of one-on-one creative inner work and purposeful play. Through expressive arts – intuitive painting, creative journaling, movement and more – your authentic self speaks to you and guides you on  a path toward transforming your life.


My guided program will help you to:

• Be more confident and creative

• Trust your inner wisdom

• Let go of whatever is holding you back

• Liberate and empower yourself

• Bring a greater sense of delight and fun into your everyday life!


Want to go deep? Are you interested in integrating the power of creativity more deeply into your life? Are you looking for a truly transformative experience? Then this is for you.


To effect real, transformative change, I ask a minimum commitment of four 90-minute sessions (scheduled weekly or bi-weekly). The cost for a 4-session package is $360, or you can commit to 8 sessions for $660 and save $60. After this period of focused inner work, you can choose to:

• Continue to explore the Way of the Painted Crow with me on a regular basis.

• Continue the Way of the Painted Crow on your own, and schedule periodic one-on-one  sessions to help you stay on track.

• Fly solo – but because creativity is a cycle with ups and downs, please contact me any time for a "flight-adjustment".


To begin please email me at paintedcrowstudio@gmail.com and tell me what you'd like to get out of working with me. If it’s something I know I can do an amazing job with, I’ll send you an invoice, and we'll schedule a date to create your Flight Path and let the magic to begin. (If it’s something that I don’t think I can help with, I’ll let you know. I only want you to invest your time if I’m sure I can help.)

love for the 1-to-1 Flight Path

"During my time with Angela we spent an hour and a half once a week for five weeks looking into 'where am I?' and 'where do I want to be?' What was refreshing about those two questions was that the answer could be exactly what it happened to be. I didn't need to be looking for something specific, or define my answers by society's terms, or other's expectations of me. Angela allowed me, and honestly helped me, to let the answers come out as they were.


The best way I can describe the time working with Angela one-on-one is as a gift. It was a gift to be asked those questions without an ounce of judgement, and then given the space to explore what came out. I painted of course, which was freeing and creative, but more than that we were really able to look into my specific situation because the whole thing was about, well, me! My "homework" was tailored to my creative and expressive needs, and Angela was able to adjust our class time as well as my own personal time based on what came out of our conversations and creative exercises.


I will always remember that at one point Angela said to me, 'I think I figured it out. It's writing.' and it was like I had been given the mirror I needed to see what was always in me. I think I knew that on my own, but I was resisting it, and Angela was able to find it and present it to me in way that made me feel safe and inspired.


I will continue to practice the exercises Angela taught me to remain present and to remember to give life to my creative self for the health of my whole self. I also know that I have a life boat along the way if I ever feel like I am drowning, because I will be getting on and off the wagon a lot as I move towards my passion. It's not that I am fixed, or that I found THE answer, but that I was able to produce some motion which makes all the difference.


I have been shown that I am valuable and that what I desire is good, and that I can just keep moving in whatever direction I find myself. That is the greatest gift, peace within myself." 


~Courtney Laughery, Tacoma, WA, founder PrettyRx.co

Private Creative FLight

If the class times I offer don't work for you, or if you just prefer to work privately, I also offer a limited number of one-on-one Creative Flight classes.

A package of 4 2.5-hour classes (scheduled weekly or bi-weekly) is $275.

If you're interested in working this way, email me at paintedcrowstudio@gmail.com so we can schedule our first playdate!