Reclaim creativity's sacred power

The Way of the Painted Crow

Through expressive arts – intuitive process painting, creative journaling, movement and more – your authentic self speaks to you and guides you on a path toward wholeness and transforming your life. Through my guided programs you will learn to:

• Be more confident and creative
• Hear and trust your inner wisdom
• Clarify your vision
• Let go of whatever's holding you back
• Liberate and empower yourself
• Bring a greater sense of fun and play into your everyday life!
Follow the Way of the Painted Crow through one of the offerings listed below:

Lots of Crows* (group classes)

Experience the amazing energy that results when we bring a flock* together for workshops and special events! Check the group events schedule to see when the next group program is available, or subscribe to the Painted Crow newsletter for the latest updates.


When time allows, I offer special 1 or 2 day private events for small groups, so if you already have a group that wants to experience this together, let's talk.

Click here for more information about group offerings (including the ongoing Creative Flight series).


(*Technically a flock of crows is called a "murder". Interesting, yes?)

Two Crows (work with me one-on-one)

This is where you really take flight by engaging in personalized, one-on-one creative inner work and purposeful play with me. Together we'll co-create your flight path and through various intuitive painting and expressive arts exercises we'll give you wings to fly! 

Click here to for more information about starting your personalized flight path.