Appreciation for Angela & Painted Crow

"I call Angela’s class “my color mindfulness class”. That frees me from trying to produce a work of art.  Instead I just create and am present each moment that I am creating. During class, I have giggled, cried, and on occasion had strange conversations with my paintings, but whatever else happens, I am present with the paint, the paper, the color and most importantly with myself. Angela's teaching is wonderful and through this 

process I have expressed and learned so much about my heart, mind and creative spirit. And it’s always a lot of fun!!!" ~Linda Rubin, psychiatric nurse, Olympia, WA  

• "Thank you for a truly transformative and powerful experience. I am so happy to know you and I thank you for the work you do in the world. Your classes are life-giving." ~Vania Kent, Co-Founder/Co-Director Samdhana-Karana Yoga (SKY), Tacoma, WA


• "I loved this class! Angela has a way of teaching that allows the artist within to emerge and flourish.  Her positive attitude and encouraging approach set the stage for the magic to happen. The introduction of art products that were new to me was at first challenging, but very helpful in building my confidence to indulge more freely in the creative process. I highly recommend Angela as a teacher, and guide on the creative path." ~ Sharon Murphy, Tacoma, WA


• "Your class is amazing!! Profound. It helped me so much with letting go!" ~Katrina Elkins, writer, Tacoma, WA


• "During my time with Angela we spent an hour and a half once a week for five weeks looking into "where am I?" and "where do I want to be?" What was refreshing about those two questions was that the answer could be exactly what it happened to be. I didn't need to be looking for something specific, or define my answers by society's terms, or other's expectations of me. Angela allowed me, and honestly helped me, to let the answers come out as they were.

   The best way I can describe the time working with Angela one-on-one is as a gift. It was a gift to be asked those questions without an ounce of judgement, and then given the space to explore what came out. I painted of course, which was freeing and creative, but more than that we were really able to look into my specific situation because the whole thing was about, well, me! My "homework" was tailored to my creative and expressive needs, and Angela was able to adjust our class time as well as my own personal time based on what came out of our conversations and creative exercises.

   I will always remember that at one point Angela said to me, "I think I figured it out. It's writing." and it was like I had been given the mirror I needed to see what was always in me. I think I knew that on my own, but I was resisting it, and Angela was able to find it and present it to me in way that made me feel safe and inspired.

  I will continue to practice the exercises Angela taught me to remain present and to remember to give life to my creative self for the health of my whole self. I also know that I have a life boat along the way if I ever feel like I am drowning, because I will be getting on and off the wagon a lot as I move towards my passion. It's not that I am fixed, or that I found THE answer, but that I was able to produce some motion which makes all the difference.

   I have been shown that I am valuable and that what I desire is good, and that I can just keep moving in whatever direction I find myself. That is the greatest gift, peace within myself." ~Courtney Laughery, writer and founder of, Tacoma, WA 


• "As a professional painter (who does intuitive art no less) I spend most days painting so, it may seem counter-intuitive to take an INTUITIVE painting class. Yet, this has been one of the best investments I have made this year. It's about more than just painting, it's about getting deep into expressing yourself from the most authentic level. You learn how to show up as 'present moment you', rather than some expectation you have placed on yourself (be it perfect student, amazing artist, or someone who doesn't need to ask for help). You  learn how to communicate and trust the still, quiet voice within you, and best of all you get to commune with others on the same journey. I highly recommend this course and I will forever be grateful for the amazing lessons I have taken away from it."  ~Therese Tucker, artist & intuitive reader, Tacoma, WA


•  "In the beginning, I stared at her white oracle of the blank paper and asked her to show me my new dream. I was on the precipice of changing directions in my life. What I felt would last maybe a few hours turned into five months. Every time I returned to her, she spoke of more: "this color here," "that shape there," "yes do this," "don't forget to do that," "yes, that would feel alive," "what about this?" At some moments she was gentle and sweet and at others she was quite demanding and challenging, but still I continued. Some days I couldn't wait for the conversation to begin and some days all I wanted was for her to be done with me. 

     Last Friday morning I went into my intuitive painting class at Painted Crow expecting to again continue, but the moment I hung her up, she loudly said "STOP! I am finished!" I couldn't believe it. My heart burst! After putting so much blood, guts and tears into her every layer and every single last little detail, returning over and over, without question, to the listening of what wanted to come out, finally I was done! And at the risk of sounding boastful, I must say, to me, she is magnificent!!!
    The process of intuitive painting continually teaches me to trust, to trust in each step, to trust in my dream, to trust in my unique light and beauty, but most of all to trust in the process.  Here's to each moment we remember what all this is for!" ~Angi Donovan, Yoga instructor, Tacoma, WA


• "I feel like all artists should experience Angela's class. It's like learning 'new math' for those of us that were ruined by 'old math'. Each painting becomes a journey guided by the paper, color, and brush itself...minus the Ego." ~Jennifer English, graphic designer and ceramicist, Tacoma


• "Your classes are like the best counseling session I've ever been to. It changed my heart and how I related to art. You have a real gift." ~Kelsi Finney, artist and graduate student, Tacoma


• “We had a wonderful time Angela. It was such a delightful respite from the hectic lives we find ourselves immersed in. Your workshop was an island of creative, opening, play amidst a sea of never ending ‘to-do’ lists. The promise of ‘after the new year begins’ was given a boost by taking your workshop. Thank you for doing these, offering these in our community.” ~Dane Meyer, photographer, Tacoma


• “I spent the best day of Spring with Angela in her workshop, letting go of my inner control freak. Angela’s class takes you on a journey through art where you learn by doing. With no formal art training or painting experience –I honestly think the last time I painted was in kindergarten! — I walked into the session a wee bit nervous. I wanted to throw myself into this unknown environment and see what it was like to spend a day painting, but I also worried that I would be so hopeless it would be a disaster.

  What I found was a welcoming and low-key environment. What I learned was that painting is not just an act dependent on skill and practice, but an opportunity to walk/sail/dance/hike through your internal landscape. I learned that painting can be a visual diary. I learned that painting can be relaxing, cathartic, joyous, and, at the end of the day, pretty tiring. It’s surprisingly hard work!

  I didn’t feel the class was scripted at all, which made it more relaxing, yet adventurous, than I expected. I really loved her approach as it seemed like a natural way to learn more about painting than if she’d said ‘and now we’ll learn X technique.’ I highly recommend Angela’s class to anyone with a curiosity about painting, and look forward to my next session!” ~Jessica Steinhebel, public relations professional, Seattle


• “I enjoyed your workshop very much. It allowed me to loosen up from my terrible ‘stuck place’. I had to consciously EMBRACE the freedom to express myself in a deeper way and Angela made it easy by leading us into a safe place where we could trust the other participants and ourselves; the ‘inner critic’ was sent flying. Thank you, Angela!” ~Judy P Buskirk, artist, Gig Harbor


"First night of Intuitive Art at Painted Crow with Angela last night. It was so healing for me. Time to breathe, move, paint. Paint one color, one stroke, each layer arising from inside of me, gently setting the critic aside. Angela is a wonderful soul to be with in this process." ~Tracy Wiegman


• “Angela’s workshop was a joyful opportunity to step out of my usual routine and create art, freed from expectations of producing anything in particular — creation for creation’s sake. (How rare is that in a middle-aged person’s life?) Angela fosters a supportive and nurturing environment for a non-visual-artist such as myself to dive in and play with different media and colors. It was very freeing, very nourishing to my creativity. A fun day, and the conversation was great as well. I highly recommend it as a play-date with someone you love.” ~Nancy Hausauer, energy healer and writer, Tacoma


• “Angela is AMAZING! I got so much more out of the workshop than I expected. It really opened up some closed doors… I highly recommend taking her class at the next opportunity.” ~Rebecca Pena, life coach, Tacoma

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